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Gearfire to Shipstation Integration

Import Gearfire orders to ShipStation.
Reliably and securely!

What does this service do?

Simply put, it imports orders from to a Shipstation Manual Store. 

But guess what? That’s not all it does.

Tags Ship-To Names for FFL Transfers

“Transfer:” is added to the ‘ship to’ name field if the listing requires an FFL.

Save money by minimizing typos

Minimizes typos by importing Ship-To details from Gearfire just like Amazon, ebay, Walmart, and other eCommerce selling platforms.

Send ShipStation email tracking alerts to Gearfire Customers

Use ShipStations already existing email alert service for your Gunbroker orders.

Import orders from Gearfire

Import order details like sold price, shipping amount, weight, and more.

Save yourself work.

About This Service

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What if I don't use Shipstation?

No problem, let’s get you straightened out by clicking the link below.

Sign Up For ShipStation

Does this service currently work with Shipping Easy?

At the moment, that is a no BUT we may in the future based on demand. Are you interested in a Shipping Easy to Gunbroker connection? Let us know here.

Can you tell me more about ShipStation?

Sure! Let me tell you about the shipping insurance you can purchase using ShipSurance. Adds security to your shipments at super competitive rates and potentially add revenue to your bottom line.

Is connecting GearFire to to safe?

Yes. Security and privacy are taken very serious. All website communications are SSL encrypted. No platform credentials including personal or business order data is stored on our servers for more than 24 hours.

Why should I use ShipStation?

Honestly, it is hands down the absolute best shipping assistant software service in the world. Nay, the galaxy.

Will this cause problems with my ShipStation account?

This service simply connects your GearFire account to a Shipstation Manual Store. ShipStation already has the ability to manage selling channels independently. Any store can be deleted if necessary, including orders that are created.

Ready to save time?

Connect Gearfire to Shipstation Pricing

We’ve heard these prices are almost too good to be true.

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 Interested in being a beta user?

This service is currently working but we are looking for a few founders to help provide feedback while we test for launch. If you are inerested in early access, let us know using the form below.

Need assistance?

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Have suggestions?

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